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Don't stop improving.

When I think about my goals in life I am often draw back to the lessons I have gained from being a life long athlete. Being  involved in sports isn't just about the physicality but about the mental strength we build during highly repetitive exercises for the chance to improve our muscle memory for the moment when the sport becomes event you've been waiting to compete. 

When we make a commitment to playing a sport or learning a new exercise we are making a deal with ourselves to keep improving until we reach a specific goal. Some people play to have fun with the intention of being social and making friend outside their normal social groups. Some people exercise to lose weight or improve their muscle mass. Some people join a team because they believe in the sport and really love to put their heart into it. Whatever the reason it more than an activity, it has a goal in mind. The goal is to not just sit around and waste their free time watching TV or playing video games. They are learning just like a person who reads a book or listens to a podcast might be improving their mental skills physical exercise challenges the body and test the limits of the mind. It ties together endurance and reflexes with motor function. 


Why do I play sports? I play for the burst of energy I get from scoring a point, I play for the joy of victory and I play cause I like the feeling of giving everything my body has even in a defeat knowing that i tried my hardest to do something bigger than myself. I play sport because I love my teammates and I know they love me back. I play sport because I want to push my body to be fit and feel good about looking strong and feeling healthy. And as long as I feel healthy I keep playing and I'll keep working on being a role model for that next generation of disabled athletes. 

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